The Newsletter of the Huachuca Mineral and Gem Club, Inc. 
P.O. Box 1596, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-1596
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 May 2017



The Newsletter of the Huachuca Mineral & Gem Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 1596, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636-1596

Web Site: http://huachucamineralandgemclub.info

May 2017


Business meeting first Wednesday each month, Sierra Vista Public Library Conference Room,

5:00 p.m. Members welcome.


General Membership meeting third Wednesday each month, 7:00 p.m., Conference Room, Cochise College Library, Sierra Vista


Club field trips generally the Saturday after the club meeting, to be announced




President………….… Ron Brooks …………. 378-2592

1st Vice-President .....Dave Dechant ……….. 458-8088

2nd Vice-President .…

Secretary …………... Shelly Cantrell ………. 508-7923

Treasurer ………..…. Glenn Bailey …..…..… 378-6291

Member-at-Large …..


Library ………..…

Newsletter …….… Ingrid Baillie …………… 459-3718

Education/History.. Maudie Bailey ………….. 378-6291

                               Ingrid Baillie ………..…. 459-3718

                               Marty Keller ………….... 803-0667

Programs ………....

Membership …..…. Ingrid Baillie..………….. 459-3718

Show …………….. Maudie Bailey …………. 378-6291

Trips ……………... Maudie Bailey …………. 378-6291

Social ……………. Sandy Bates ……………. 378-4468

Scholarships …..….Dave Dechant ……......… 458-8088



   This month is a busy time for all of us. School is nearing an end, the weather is turning nice and staying that way, and people are starting to plan their vacations.

   Speaking of vacations, I will not be at the next meeting on the 17th, as I will be our east on my annual trip to visit family and take care of cemetery sites of my family, since the cemetery crews could care less.

   So Jason Crawford has volunteered to lead the field trip to the Carlisle Mine this month. June’s field trip will be to Luna, NM, to look for Luna Blue agate. This is east of Alpine, AZ, and just west and north of Luna, NM. The date of the trip is June 17 and 18. I plan to drive the RV up on the 16th. I’ll send out a list of campgrounds in the area in a later email along with directions, probably around the day of the meeting, from the road, most likely a McDonald’s as it has free wifi:)

   I want to remind everyone to think of safety while you are out and about rock hounding. That means eye protection while you are hitting on rocks, even sunglasses count. Watch out for critters moving around looking for food and always be aware of just where you are about to put your hands.

   And lately, with Brenda starting her new job, and I will not embarrass her, as she is not here to defend her directional skills, we need someone to step up and fill the role of second Vice President.

   See all of you in June,

HMGC President Ron Brooks



   This month’s meeting will be Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. at the Cochise College Library’s conference room. The program for the evening will be a presentation on practicing safety while on the trail of those elusive gorgeous mineral specimens. Zac Ribbing of the Forest Service will coach us in safety measures on the trail.

   Refreshments will be provided by Maudie Bailey and Sandy Bates. Thanks, ladies.



  The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m. by President Ron Brooks. Also present were Member Marty Keller, Second Vice-President Dave Dechant, Member Sandy Bates, Member Ingrid Baillie, Assistant Treasurer Maudie Bailey.

   Marty discussed the upcoming Bisbee Show, which will take place at the Copper Queen Mine May 27 and 28. Anyone interested in having a vendor’s booth, the cost is $25.00 for a 6-foot table and $35.00 for an 8-foot table, both days. Contact Doug Graeme at the Copper Queen Mine Tours for more information, 432-2071.

   Marty also reported that Rick Shook, 520-678-1553, has a 5” saw and two 10” saws, some blue opal and large geodes for sale. There will be an estate sale May 20.

   Maudie gave the treasurer’s report and gave Sandy the club’s financial books so the audit can be done.

   Sandy reported that Maudie Bailey and Patti Scarboro signed up to provide goodies for the meeting.

   Picnic: A sign-up sheet will be at the May meeting, as well as to the one in June.

   Speakers: Maudie will contact the fire department for the May speaker on safety.

   Field trip: Jason Crawford will lead this month’s meeting in Ron Brooks’ place.

   West End Fair: May 6, Maudie is looking for workers for our booth.

   Bylaws: Maudie and Ingrid will work on updating the bylaws.

   Conex: Marty would like to put an ad in the Sierra Vista and Benson newspapers to advertise the Conex for sale for $2,000.00

   A volunteer is needed to fill the office for the rest of this year of Second Vice-President.

   Maudie said that Josie has made small cloth bags for the club’s ID kits.

   The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Ingrid Baillie, Acting Secretary



   Kathy Zapperoli contacted your newsletter editor to report a bag she left at the April meeting. It was a brown Fry’s bag containing 3 rock samples, a pair of scissors and a pair of tongs. Kathy said she tied the bag in a knot and laid it on a chair.

   If you found the bag, please take it to the meeting, or call Kathy at 417-2235.


              “PRETTY ROCKS” FOR SALE

   An elderly friend of mine has some nice mineral specimens and nice chunks of slag for sale. If interested, please call Dave Dechant at 458-8088.

Thanks, Dave



A very happy birthday to all members who have birthdays this month. They are: Glenn Branham, Jennifer Lavelle, Greg Radzykewycz, Verba Richardson, Thomas Yarbrough. Also, Happy Birthday to those who did not reveal their special months.



(Jennifer McIntosh is a professor in the department of hydrology and atmospheric sciences at the University of Arizona, and wrote the following article)

   “The Cienega Creek watershed contains some of the highest-quality riparian woodland, riverine and cienega wetland habitats in Arizona. In fact, 28 miles of Cienega Creek, downstream with its confluence with Gardner Canyon, are designated as Outstanding Arizona Waters.

   The proposed Rosemont Copper Mine lies within the Cienega Creek watershed. Potential impacts of proposed mining activities and other land-use changes are hot debate topics, as well as climate change local groundwater and preserving riparian habitats for threatened and endangered species.”

   The department’s research uses natural tracers, such as chemistry and isotopes to figure out where the water in the watershed came from, how old the water is, and how it travels across the basin. Their study shows that the groundwater in alluvia aquifers and springs is relatively old, recharged before the 1950s, mostly from snow in the Santa Rita Mountains. The study will show the impact of Rosemont’s activities on the groundwater in the Cienega Creek watershed and if their use can be maintained.



   The Prescott Gem & Mineral Club announces their upcoming show August 4 to 6, 2017, at the Prescott Valley Event Center, 3201 N Main St, Prescott Valley. Hours are Friday & Saturday, 9-5; Sunday, 9-4. Parking is free. Admission is $4 for Seniors 65+, Vets, Students; $5 for Adults; Children under 12 are free.



   May 27 and 28 at the Copper Queen Mine in Bisbee. If interested in being a vendor, a 6 foot table is $25 and an 8 foot table is $35 for both days. Admission and parking are free.

   For more information, call Doug Graeme at 432-2071.

Don't forget the picnic July 23, 11:00 am, Veteran's Memorial Park,

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